If I do not like your service, can I cancel the service?

We daily improve the quality of service, we keep pace with the times and try our best to satisfy the needs of our customers. But, if you have doubts that we are not working well enough, we will close all the business started, carefully collect the documents in folders, prepare all the reports and registers and pass them on to you.

How can I contact my accountant?

Each accountant has an email address and telephone number. Also we are pleased to use popular instant messengers such as Skype and Viber, and they can be used for urgent negotiations, but we only send documents and important correspondence via mail.

Are your accountants visiting? Can they go to a tax or a bank?

There are cases when, without the accountant’s presence, the issue is not being resolved, and our specialists leave for the place, but judging by practice, most of the issues can be solved by phone.

Can I come to my accountant?

Of course, we are very pleased guests. Arrange in advance with your specialist about the meeting at a convenient time for you and “welcome”.

Your accountant can work in my office?

Work in the office of Proaudit for our accountants is a priority, but if necessary they can come to visit you.

How does Proaudit pay bills to suppliers?

In order to pay the invoice to the supplier, you need to provide us with this invoice in electronic form. Then we will prepare a payment order in the client-bank and send it to you for signing. You can set these tasks both in written and oral form (by phone).

I’ve never had an accountant. We will be able to keep records from scratch?

Of course, this is one of the services that we provide. We will not only adjust the accounting from scratch, but also develop an optimal scheme of work for you and a taxation system that will allow you to get the necessary information for doing business in a convenient way.

How quickly can I get the work done?

To each client we have an individual approach, and if your request does not require urgent, it will be taken almost instantly. But there are tasks that can not be solved immediately, it takes much longer to prepare them (for example, issuing a license).

I do not like the service of your accountant. What to do?

Our specialists are decent, educated and friendly people. But if the appointed accountant does not suit you, we will be able to find among the other employees the specialist you need.

How do you solve the problems with the admission of errors in the accounting business?

We try to check the information that comes to us several times, as well as what we reproduce ourselves. Each document is checked at least twice, to start with your accountant, then our auditor.

After the previous accountant we can not understand the papers. Can you restore the account?

Oh sure. We will carefully analyze the documents that you have and will help not only understand them, but also to establish accounting records for further work.

ProAudit can communicate with counterparties directly?

Of course, by your consent, we can negotiate with your counterparties. But, unfortunately, there are questions, the answers to which are not in our competence, and without your help we will not be able to solve them.

How do you control the quality of service?

To improve the quality of service, we keep track of the correspondence of employees with customers, we record telephone conversations, which we regularly listen to. Several times a month we estimate the level of satisfaction with the service among our customers.

Where does ProAudit store client documents?

All documents for the current period are in our office and carefully filed in folders. After the reporting period, we will forward the documents to you by courier.

Do you serve clients with the cashier? How does this happen?

Yes, of course, we undertake such things. But in the presence of cash, you must have your cashier, who bears all the financial responsibility for cash on hand. Our accountant does not take such obligations. He communicates with your cashier on a daily basis, checks the account and actual balance of cash, and at a certain time, during the staging, conducts an inventory of the cashier.

Can ProAudit spend my money without my knowledge?

Our specialists do not have that opportunity. You give us access to the client-bank non-signature. This allows us to only view it and prepare payments.

Where will my base 1C?

For your convenience, you can place your base 1C on your server, and with us, with access.

How does ProAudit monitor the confidentiality of the documents submitted?

Each project has its own e-mail and database in 1: C with limited access. Our specialists will see only the information that you will allow. But the data should be enough so that we can perform our work qualitatively.

I do not have a chief accountant, who signs the documents on his behalf?

Since there is no chief accountant, the documents are signed by the director of the organization. In view of the fact that you entrust accounting to us, we assume responsibility for these documents, and you put the signature on them only after our thorough verification.

How to get a bill of lading or an invoice?

To obtain such documents, you need to notify your accountant about it in written or oral form, and within 5-7 minutes you will receive them by e-mail.