25% off for you and your friend

You get 25% for servicing your chosen tariff within a month.
After choosing the tariff, your friend will receive a 25% discount for the first month of service.


How does the action work?

You recommend your friends to contact us, and they just mention when they talk with us, where they found out about us, and that will be enough.


How many friends can I bring?

How much you want, we do not limit you. For every given friend who will cooperate with us you will receive a 25% discount for a month of service in ProAudit. If you bring 3 friends in one month, you will receive a 25% discount for three months of service. Discounts are not added up, but are distributed by month.


What is the tariff for such an action?

The promotion applies to such tariffs: ‘Standard’, ‘Business’ or ‘Premium’.