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What services does ProAudit?

Consulting group “Proaudit” offers a wide range of professional services in audit, accounting and tax accounting and law. The company’s policy aimed at long-term cooperation on mutually beneficial terms. The company’s specialists will quickly and efficiently have a huge list of services.

Auditing services:

These services are provided under Certificate No. 4288 dated 02.07.2009.

Accounting services:

Consulting services:

Legal services:


Prices for the services accessible and acceptable for the clients of different groups. The cost is determined individually for each the client, with all the features and pre-negotiated. The company “Proaudit” takes into account customers ‘ wishes on the issues pricing and procedure for settlements. To receive a detailed offer, just fill in a form on the website Consulting group “Proaudit” – your reliable partner for a long time the Main competitive advantages of the company are:

  • competence and professionalism: our team consists of qualified accountants, auditors, lawyers and other experts who have specialized education and experience; management policy aims at minimizing turnover frame and stability to spare our clients from the inconveniences associated with the change of personnel;
  • loyal price policy, individual approach to the client: a specialist company takes into account the characteristics of each the customer determines the value of a service; in the basic prices stated in the price list on the website;
  • the principle of confidentiality of the information provided by the client: specialists ‘ work is organized so that access to personal information and documentation of the client is limited, therefore such data can only be used by those employees, which are directly involved in the delivery of services. The company “Proaudit” is responsible for the disclosure personal information;
  • quick service: the customer consulting group “Proaudit” will never remain unanswered — the company guarantees the decision of questions of any complexity in the interests of the partners in the shortest possible time;
  • the responsibility for the services provided: firm “Proaudit” assumes responsibility for all activity results employees. Professionalism, experience and competence of the team, a staged validation of each employee’s work, an elaborate system control enables management to be confident in the results and guarantee their quality.

Another advantage of the consulting group “Proaudit” is the close cooperation with the company “1C” and use it in their activities exclusively licensed software. The company “Proaudit” – your reliable partner with an impeccable reputation. Looking for this? Then call now!