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What do we offer

We offer a full range of services, which include:

  • Professional advice;
  • Preparation of documents packages and assistance in drawing up certificates;
  • Representation of the client’s interests in the competent authorities.

Due to the knowledge of the requirements, which are established by the legislation, legal literacy and long-term work experience, our specialists can guarantee 100% positive result!

Cases when you need a work permit in Ukraine

The work permit is issued by the State Employment Center at the employer’s location and is valid for one year with the possibility of extension. According to the Ukrainian legislation, you can apply for a work permit in the following cases:

  • In the absence of qualified specialists who are able to perform the corresponding type of work;
  • For employment of the founder company;
  • In the framework of an external economic agreement, provided that the number of foreign workers does not exceed half of the resident workers;
  • In the framework of the intracorporate assignee, i. Temporary transfer of an employee of a foreign company to Ukraine to provide services to a local company.

Each case requires its own package of documents. In order not to waste time studying the normative acts, searching for examples of filling in forms, standing in endless queues, please contact us. We will help you get a work permit promptly from 15 rd.


A work permit for a foreigner in Ukraine is a document that provides the employer the right to employ a foreign citizen in a specific job. The permit for employment should be your first step if you are planning to employ a foreign citizen. Ukrainian legislation provides for severe penalties in the absence of such authorization.
To issue work permits is a laborious and complex process. Incorrect paperwork, incomplete documentation, non-compliance can lead to an increase in the duration of the process or even to failure. So it’s best this question fully trust us! We offer services for obtaining a work permit for a foreign citizen in Ukraine at a reasonable cost. We are a team of qualified lawyers and experts, which will help quickly and without problems to obtain permission to work and to save time and effort.

The cost of obtaining a work permit

Our prices for legal services are notable for their availability and acceptability. In addition, we will help you to save precious time and energy. The approximate tariff can be found on the site using a special calculator. The cost of services is determined taking into account the specifics and complexity of your issue and is preliminarily negotiated.
We guarantee the quality of the services provided and confidentiality to our customers. Our company is committed to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. A full list of our services is available on the website. More details – from the specialists on the specified phone. Call now!