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What do we offer

Registration of foreign citizens is a laborious process and we recommend that you contact our company ProAudit to speed it up. Thanks to our staff of qualified lawyers and other experts who have many years of experience in this field and know all the subtleties and nuances, we guarantee 100% of the result and the quality of the services provided.
We offer:

  • Exhaustive and competent legal advice;
  • Representation of your interests in Migration Authorities;
  • Preparation of necessary documents and so on.

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Grounds for registration of foreign citizens

Temporary registration of foreign citizens is possible if there are good reasons, among which:

  • Care for a sick family member, the passage of a course of treatment, registration of inheritance, pregnancy or childbirth, obtaining permission for immigration or registration of Ukrainian citizenship;
  • Entry on a short-term visa or from a country with a visa-free regime;
  • Entry on a transit visa in the event of an emergency stop in Ukraine due to unpredictable circumstances (due to a natural disaster, a disease, repair of a vehicle, etc.);
  • Entry on a long-term visa in case of failure to issue a residence permit for valid reasons.

Registration of foreign citizens is carried out by the bodies of the State Migration Service. The procedure starts with the submission of an application that must be submitted to non-residents before the expiry of the legal period of stay in Ukraine. Therefore, it is very important to contact us in time to avoid penalties and deportation in the future.


According to Ukrainian law, foreign citizens and persons without citizenship who arrived into Ukraine on legal grounds, can be in the territory of the state in the period specified in the visa (if visa) or for a period not exceeding 90 days within 180 days from the date of first entry (when the visa-free regime).
Registration of foreign citizens refers to mandatory procedures for extension of period of stay on the territory of the country subject to the legal grounds. Ukrainian legislation provides for penalties in the absence of such registration, the foreign citizen. In addition, possible deportation and ban on entering Ukraine for a period of 5 years. Therefore, the question of registration must be approached responsibly. To save time and effort, it is better to contact our professional lawyers, which quickly and easily will help with registration of foreign citizens.

The cost of registration of foreign citizens

Our pricing policy differs availability and democracy. Thanks to an individual approach, our specialists determine the cost of services personally for each client, taking into account its features and the degree of complexity of the case. The approximate tariff can be found with the help of the Calculator of calculation of the prices for services which is on our site.
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