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Migration Law

What services in the field of migration law do we offer

Many Ukrainians are familiar with the working conditions of migration services: endless queues and filling a huge number of documents. At the same time, the slightest error can delay the process or even cause a refusal to obtain the necessary documents. Therefore, in order to save time and effort, it is better to use the help of ProAudit professionals. Our team of qualified lawyers and experts offers a full range of quality services in the field of migration law at an affordable cost.
The migration law services that we provide include:

  • Number of the taxpayer (identification number) – 5 rd .;
  • Permission for employment in Ukraine – from 15 pp;
  • A view of temporary residence in Ukraine (for employees) – from 10 pp;
  • Extension of the period of stay in Ukraine – 7 rd .;
  • A kind on constant residing in Ukraine – from 85 r.d.

In addition, at your service:

  • Professional legal advice on migration law issues;
  • Assistance in preparing the necessary migration documents;
  • legal support;
  • Representation of client’s interests in the bodies of the migration service and other competent authorities.

Our specialists guarantee high quality of the tasks and positive solution of the issues in the shortest possible time.


Immigration law is the branch of law which regulates processes such as travel abroad (emigration), entry from abroad (immigration) and the movement of citizens within the country. It also includes tourist and business travel, change of residence, citizenship, registration and passport, and more.
Immigration law applies not only to foreigners but also citizens of the country. Every citizen of Ukraine, who change their place of residence or, for example, wants to emigrate to another country, it automatically falls under the jurisdiction of this sphere. A feature of this industry is that the international legal acts also influence migration processes. Therefore, it is necessary to focus both in national legislation and in international. To understand the migration issues of any complexity by our experts who know all the subtleties and nuances of this field.
We guarantee the confidentiality and bear full responsibility for the services provided. Looking for an effective and quick solution of legal issues? Contact us!

Cost of our services

We offer affordable and affordable prices for legal services in the field of migration law. We will help you save time, money and energy. The cost of services is determined individually for each client, taking into account the features and complexity and is discussed with him in advance. An approximate tariff can be found on our website using the Calculator for calculating the price of services. More details are available from consultants on these phones.