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Obtaining a patent

A patent is a document that is issued by a patent body on behalf of the state, certifies authorship or establishes an exclusive ownership right to its use. You can register a patent for the result of intellectual activity in the field of technology (for invention, utility model) or artistic design (for industrial design). The patent is valid in the territory of the country where it was received.
The procedure for obtaining a patent is labor-intensive, which requires careful preparation, studying the regulatory framework, filling out a heap of documents. The slightest mistake can not only delay the process of obtaining, but even become a reason for refusal. Do not waste your energy and nerves, please contact our specialists who will help you quickly and without problems get a patent. In addition, our team of lawyers with years of experience will advise you and tell you the requirements that are set to get a patent.

Copyright registration

Copyright registration is not an easy process, but it is extremely necessary in modern society. Due to the increase in the level of digital piracy, the registration of copyright is the only protection against the illegal dissemination and use of the results of creative activity.
Copyright is a field of jurisprudence that regulates the legal relationship associated with the creation and use of copyright works in the field of science, literature, art and other areas of human creative activity. It includes property and non-property rights that belong to the author. The object of copyright can be only the result of creative work, fixed on a material carrier.
The procedure for registration of copyright is characterized by its laboriousness and complexity. To avoid denial of registration and minimize errors in filling in the necessary documents, we recommend that you use the services of our professionals.


Intellectual rights are statutory rights that are the result of intellectual activity in the scientific, industrial, artistic and literary fields. The object of this right is intellectual property, which includes inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, and so on.
Today the issue of intellectual property protection in Ukraine is acute. No author is immune from attempts to illegally distribute his own product. And bringing perpetrators to justice is an extremely difficult and almost impossible process. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of protecting our intellectual rights in advance by consulting our specialists.
We offer a wide range of services in the field of intellectual property law. Our experienced team of professionals will help get a patent in Ukraine, register a copyright or trademark. We guarantee the efficiency and high quality of the services provided.

Cost of legal services in the field of intellectual property rights

We offer an affordable and affordable price for intellectual property registration services. With each client, a tariff is preliminarily negotiated, which is determined by taking into account the individual characteristics of the business and the degree of complexity of the issue. The approximate cost can be calculated on the Calculator, which is placed on our website. Did you have any questions? Please contact our specialists at the specified numbers.