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Amendments to the constituent documents

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What do we offer

The ProAudit team consists of qualified accountants, auditors, lawyers and other experts who have extensive experience in this field. We offer assistance in registering the following changes:

  • Changes in the head of the enterprise;
  • Changes in the types of activities (replacement of NACE);
  • Changes in the composition of founders;
  • Changes in the legal address;
  • Changes in the name of the enterprise;
  • Changes in the authorized capital of the enterprise and other changes in the charter documents.

The procedure for making changes is fully prescribed by the current legislative acts. On average, the introduction of the listed changes in the documents will take from 1 working day.For cooperation with us it is necessary to sign a contract. You do not need to leave your cozy office, our employees will come to you to pick up the necessary documents or your authorized person can come to the office to us. We guarantee the confidentiality of the received data.Access to them is available only to those employees who are directly involved in the process. Upon completion of the process, you receive an extract from the EDRPOU and a seal (with the change of the name of the enterprise) as amended.


According to Ukrainian legislation, information on the legal entity that entered in the constituent documents (Statute of the enterprise, the contract companies, and others), in the event of any change, requires a timely filing formally by inclusion in the usr (Unified state register) of juridical persons and physical persons-entrepreneurs. The changes in the constituent documents is the procedure is simple, but has a lot of legal details and requires specific knowledge, so the help is better to contact our professionals.
One of the types of legal services that the company offers “Proaudit” is the registration of changes in documents of the company, regardless of the form of ownership and type of activity. We guarantee efficient and high quality services. With us you will forget about endless queues, filling out tons of documents – we all take care of yourself!

Cost of registration of changes

The services of our company are distinguished by the availability and acceptability of prices, as well as speed and quality. Beforehand, our employees determine the cost of the service taking into account the peculiarities of your business. You can find out the approximate tariff yourself on our website using the Calculator for calculating the price for services.
Did you have any questions? Please contact our specialists at the specified numbers.