Liquidation of enterprises

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What do we offer

We offer a full range of legal services and support at all or at a specific stage of liquidation of an enterprise, regardless of the form of ownership and type of activity. Our staff employs qualified accountants, auditors, lawyers and other experts who will help in the shortest possible time to implement:

  • Liquidation of a private entrepreneur (FLP / SAP) – from 20 rd .;
  • Liquidation of LLC (Limited Liability Company) – from 2 months;
  • Liquidation of PE (Private enterprise) – from 2 months.

The ProAudit team guarantees high quality, confidentiality of the information received and takes responsibility for the services provided.
Our specialists have many years of experience in the field of liquidation of enterprises and are ready to help:

  • Resolve all formal and bureaucratic issues;
  • Conduct a procedure for the liquidation of an enterprise, regardless of the form of ownership and causes;
  • Correctly draw up all the necessary documents;
  • Significantly reduce the level of both material costs and temporary;
  • Reduce the level of risks or avoid them.

Reasons for liquidation of an enterprise

The reasons for liquidation of an enterprise may be:

  • The decision of the owner: this way of closing a business is fast and safe – on average it takes from 2 weeks to 3 months;
  • Merger, merger or acquisition with the change of owners or shareholders (with full responsibility being transferred);
  • Change of founders or director;
  • Bankruptcy (recognized in the established manner insolvency of the debtor to satisfy the claims of creditors and perform duties to the state);
  • Liquidation of an enterprise by a court decision: in this case the owner, most often, is subject to penal sanctions because of failure to fulfill his obligations to the state, creditors and employees;
  • Sale of business and other reasons.


Liquidation of an enterprise is a complex process, in which there is a complete stop of its activities and exclusion from the unified state register (usr), the deregistration in tax service, the social insurance Fund (SIF), the Pension Fund of Ukraine (PFCs).
Taking into account the reasons for closing the business, each procedure of liquidation has a number of features and nuances that you need to know that the process took the shortest time with minimum cost. In addition, only following the established in the legislation of the algorithm, the liquidation of enterprises takes minimum time. This may cause a lot of problems: trade payables outstanding loans, problems with accounting and stuff. All this will delay the closure procedure and cause additional monetary costs, so it is better to trust our professionals.

Cost of liquidation of business

The cost of services for the liquidation of LLCs, PEs, FLP / SAP is determined individually for each client. We take into account all the features and nuances of your business and voice the price in advance. You can find out the approximate tariff with the help of the Calculator of calculation of the prices which is on our site. You can ask additional questions by phone from our specialists. Call now!