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Corporate law

What do we offer

Our team of specialists offers the following list of legal services in the field of corporate law:

  • Business registration
    • Company registration/Registration of PE (Private enterprise);
    • Registration of private entrepreneur (PE/SPD);
    • Full society;
    • Society with additional responsibility;
    • Representation of foreign companies in Ukraine;
    • Representation of an international charitable organization in Ukraine;
    • Representation, branch of the Ukrainian company in Ukraine;
    • Corporation;
    • Association;
    • Charitable organization;
    • The co-operative;
    • Association of owners of apartment houses (ajoah);
    • Registration as a Single tax payer and VAT.
  • Check the various changes:
    • the change of the Director or of the company;
    • the change in activity (change CTEA);
    • the changing composition of the founders;
    • the change of the legal address;
    • change of company name;
    • change in share capital, etc.
  • Liquidation of the enterprises irrespective of the organizational-legal form (LLC, PP, PE/SPD).
  • Consultation, preparation and examination of documents:
    • oral advice;
    • written consultation (legal conclusion with references to the regulatory legal acts);
    • development and drafting of contracts of various complexities;
    • legal examination of documents;
    • preparation of claims, etc.

We are ready to provide services both on a one-time basis and on an ongoing basis. The ProAudit team is committed to a long-term and reliable, mutually beneficial relationship. After the registration of a legal entity, we offer a full range of accounting services on an outsourcing basis. Details about this service can be obtained from our specialists.


The Ukrainian legislation is marked by frequent change in legal rules, therefore the owner of any business should always be aware of these changes to properly organize their activities. After all, ignorance of the law is no excuse. To explore all the laws and normative legal acts, or to prepare the right specialist, you will need time. And time is money! Therefore, entrust this question to us – real professionals with years of experience.
In the creation, development, reorganization and liquidation of legal entity, any legal norms, which together constitute corporate law. This branch of law regulates the relationship between the parties, partners and shareholders.
Our company ProAudit will help you to ensure compliance with all legal norms of the Ukrainian legislation, will save time and material costs, minimizing business risks.

Cost of legal services in the field of corporate law

We offer favorable and affordable prices for legal services. An approximate tariff can be determined using the Price Calculator, which is located on our website. The cost of the service is determined specifically for each client, taking into account the specifics of its business and the complexity of the issue that needs to be addressed.