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Types of legal services

What legal services do we offer?

Doing business in Ukraine is impossible without registration of various documents, contracts with contractors, obtaining permits, licenses and other things. But the main and the main problem is that each new action is governed by certain rules and regulations. A feature of Ukrainian legislation is often changing and the presence of many regulations, so check the correctness of operations in corporate and other rights is difficult. To avoid such problems, it is best to trust the professionals and seek assistance from our specialists.
We offer a wide range of legal services in corporate and migration law, licensing and intellectual property. ProAudit team quickly and efficiently will help your business regardless of form of ownership and type of activity. Contact us and get qualified legal assistance in relation to ongoing corporate governance issues in matters of establishment, reorganization and liquidation of enterprises or firms and other legal issues.

Need legal assistance? We are ready to help you! Thanks to the staff of qualified specialists, we offer competent and prompt legal assistance in such matters:

Corporate law

  1. Business registration any form of ownership
    Under current law, any business should be registered in compulsory order. We will not only help you to determine the best option of the legal form, but to register for future business. In addition, the company ProAudit to provide full support for accounting outsourcing services. More details from our experts.
  2. Check the various changes in the documents of the company
    Each change requires mandatory registration in the prescribed manner. To make the change take effect, you need a proper design. Contact our experts for help!
  3. Liquidation of the enterprises irrespective of the organizational-legal form (LLC, PP, PE/SPD).
    Liquidation of an enterprise represents a complex of measures to stop economic activities, and passing all inspections by controlling authorities. This process is extremely difficult and time consuming, so it is best to trust the professionals of the company ProAudit. We offer prompt and quality legal services for closure of the company regardless of the form of ownership and type of activity.
  4. Consultation, preparation and examination of documents:
    • oral advice;
    • written consultation (legal conclusion with references to the regulatory legal acts);
    • development and drafting of contracts of various complexities;
    • legal examination of documents;
    • preparation of claims, etc.

Our lawyers and other specialists are ready to provide prompt and comprehensive advice in the field of accounting and tax accounting. We will help you to understand the intricacies of legislation and avoid fines and other problems.


License and intellectual property

  • Registration of the Trademark (1st class);
  • Patenting of devices, methods, substances, appearance of the product;
  • Registration of copyright;
  • License for the retail sale of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages;
  • License for the wholesale of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages;
  • Building license;
  • Transport license;
  • License for medical practice;
  • License for employment abroad.

Long-term practice of our experts proves that a competently registered trade mark is one of the main factors of business success, due to which it is possible to reliably protect the owner’s rights. And the issue of intellectual property protection in Ukraine is extremely acute.

Migration Law

  • Receipt of the taxpayer’s number (identification number);
  • Permission to work in Ukraine;
  • A view of temporary residence in Ukraine (for employees);
  • Extension of the period of stay in Ukraine;
  • A view of permanent residence in Ukraine.

It’s no secret that the work of the migration services desires the best: permanent queues, a large number of documents that need to be filled, with frequent changes in legislation. And the slightest mistake in filling out can prolong the already long process of obtaining the necessary documents. We will help you save your time and energy. Please contact our specialists in the field of migration law.

Cost of legal services

The prices for legal services from the experts of ProAudit differ by their acceptability and accessibility. The cost is determined individually for each client, taking into account the degree of complexity and features of the business. The approximate tariff can be found using the calculator, which is presented on the site.
Our company offers long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. We are ready to represent and act in your interests and become a reliable business partner. We are ready to solve any problems in your favor!