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We provide you with legal ways to reduce tax liabilities, which are based on using the opportunities provided by the current legislation. Our main goal is to minimize tax payments and avoid penalties. What is especially important today for any type of business! It’s not a secret that every company, and you – not an exception, is interested in reducing the tax burden and reducing payments without violating tax laws.

What can our specialists do?

The ProAudit team is qualified accountants, auditors, lawyers and other specialists with many years of experience. We offer you:

  • To check the current taxation schemes that are used by the regular accountant;
  • Carry out analysis and eliminate system errors in tax accounting;
  • Assess the risks of applying optimization schemes;
  • To develop and implement new schemes for payment of taxes and payments;
  • Comprehensive advice on taxation and tax laws and so on.

The urgency of this service is due to frequent changes in the Tax Code, as well as a large number of separate tax laws and by-laws that can easily be missed. Our specialists have many years of experience in the field of tax optimization and are ready to offer effective methods and ways to minimize taxes and payments.
Also our experts will help:

  • Properly pay taxes, because each taxpayer must know the current tax legislation and be able to make timely and correctly pay tax payments;
  • Optimize taxes and payments by planning the ratio of income and expenditure in each tax period, continually analyzing your financial results;
  • Minimize taxes using legitimate methods.

We guarantee the legal optimization of taxes and payments based on preliminary forecasts and effective planning.


How we are working

You can feel free to contact us for tax planning and tax optimization, regardless of form of ownership and type of your business or company. Our experts provide tax planning by adjusting activities and methods of accounting, the preliminary calculation of the alternative schemes for payment of taxes and payments from the General activities of the company and for a particular transaction.
Cooperation with us begins with the signing of the contract, which spelled out all the details. Next, you provide us with the required documents through an authorised person or our representative picks them up directly from your office. The conditions of confidentiality apply to all information provided. The result is a conclusion in writing indicating the strengths and weaknesses of your current tax system and options for optimization. In the future, at the client’s request, our cooperation may be continued in the framework of other services for accounting and tax accounting.

Cost of tax planning

Tariffs for tax planning and tax optimization services at ProAudit are both acceptable and democratic. The cost of the service is determined individually for each client, taking into account the features of the business. The price is pre-negotiated. Approximate cost can be found on our website with the help of a calculator for calculating the prices for services. More details – on these phones from our specialists.