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What do we offer

We offer services to find qualified accountants. Our experienced experts will help you quickly find specialists for the position:

  • The auditor;
  • Chief Accountant;
  • Deputy Chief Accountant;
  • Accountant for a separate section of accounting;
  • Assistant accountant.

We are responsible for the service provided and guarantee the replacement of the employee within three months from the date of his employment in case of his inconsistency with the previously agreed requirements.

In addition, you have the opportunity to think whether you need a regular accountant at all. ProAudit is ready to provide a full package of accounting services on an outsourcing basis. Why not? You do not need to equip a separate place, buy furniture and equipment, pay vacation and sick leave. If you want to learn more about this, please contact our specialists at the telephone number indicated.

How we do it

Find an accountant – a very difficult and responsible task. First and foremost, you need to clearly and correctly formulate the requirements for the position, and then to find the most suitable candidate. In theory it’s simple, but in practice it is not. Today it is difficult to find a qualified professional who will effectively and faithfully to perform their duties. So a great solution to this situation is to seek help to us! With us you will save time and effort.
We will find a suitable candidate in the shortest possible time, taking into account all peculiarities of your business. Our team of experts conducts a thorough selection process that consists of several stages:

  • Evaluation of both theoretical and practical knowledge of the candidate;
  • Testing and testing the professional competence of a potential employee;
  • Personal interview to assess professional qualifications;
  • Analysis of existing work experience;
  • Evaluation of personal qualities that directly affect the professional level (for example, responsibility, mindfulness, perseverance).


Find a qualified accounting clerk? We can help you! The selection of the accountant and other employees of the Finance Department requires special attention. The main task of the accountant is to conduct financial Affairs of a company. That he manages all confidential information, realize the optimization of taxation, oversees the timely calculation and payment of taxes, prepares reports, responsible for payroll, and so on. You should be as confident in the person taking on this responsible post.

It is no secret that finding a qualified chief accountant or another employee of the accounting Department today is extremely difficult. This issue must be approached responsibly. You can spend a lot of time and effort in search of a worthy candidate, and you can trust this issue to us – real professionals.

Cost of choosing an accountant

We offer affordable and profitable prices for services in the selection and search of accounting staff. Our specialists take into account the peculiarities of your business and pre-stipulate the cost. The approximate tariff can be found on the site using a calculator to determine the cost of services.

Do you need a competent employee? Please, contact us! Call now!