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What do we offer

As part of the accounting consulting service, our team of ProAudit professionals will help:

  • Correctly arrange the initial documentation;
  • Correctly form the financial statements in accordance with applicable laws, standards and requirements;
  • Develop and draw up a contract of any complexity;
  • Conduct legal expertise of documents;
  • Prepare claims;
  • To acquaint and explain legal acts of the legislation in the sphere of accounting and tax accounting and much more.

How we are working

Cooperation with us can be either on a permanent basis or single-handed as part of a contract for accounting services or contracts for the provision of consulting services.
We are ready to provide an exhaustive and prompt consultation on all issues that may arise in the course of doing business, either verbally or in writing.
You can get an oral consultation in our office. Payment by the hour. A written consultation or legal opinion with references to regulations can be obtained by e-mail or fax.


Regular clients within the framework of a cooperation agreement can receive oral advice in a telephone mode at any convenient time.

We offer a full range of consulting services in the field of accounting and taxation, regardless of the form of ownership and type of your business or company. We will help you to understand current legislation and do not miss the frequent change of regulations, correctly and competently to deal with special or unusual situations that your accountant has not previously faced.

We are a team of qualified accountants, auditors, lawyers and other experts who are ready to quickly and efficiently advise in matters of any complexity based on your interests. A warranty of performance is high professionalism and many years of experience in the field of accounting and tax Advisory services.

Remember that timely accounting and tax advice will help to avoid mistakes and problems that can cause penalties. So if you have any questions, doubts about or misunderstanding of any rules, please contact us immediately and we will help you!

Cost of consulting on accounting

The cost of consulting on accounting and tax accounting is determined individually for each client and is preliminarily negotiated with him. Our prices for consulting services are notable for their availability and democracy. Approximate tariffs can be found using the calculator to calculate the cost of services. More details – from our specialists on these phones.