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Types of consulting services

Consulting support of your business

We offer consulting services regardless of the form of ownership and type of activity of your business in the field of accounting and tax accounting. This kind of consulting services we provide as a one-time basis in the contract for accounting services or contracts for the provision of consulting services, and on a permanent basis.
Our experts provide comprehensive and prompt consultation in several forms:

  • In the oral in the office of the company “ProAudit” (for single clients). Become our regular customer and get a nice bonus – consultations orally in the phone mode at any time convenient for you;
  • In writing, which is carried out at the request of the client (by fax or e-mail).

Tax planning

Such an important issue for any business as tax planning you can trust the professionals ProAudit. Our experts will help in finding means and methods for reducing the tax burden by legal means without violating the current legislation, as well as to identify and correct reporting errors and to protect you from fines and other problems.
We offer consulting services on optimization of taxation of all activities of the customer, and for certain types of taxes. Also available tax planning on certain transactions.
Cooperation with us begins with the conclusion of the contract and provide all required documentation. Your authorized representative may transfer documents to us or our staff is willing to come to your office and pick them up. All information provided by customer is confidential, access is limited to staff who are directly involved in the process.
Due to its qualified professionals, consulting group “Proaudit” guarantees a legal and legitimate tax optimization, which is based on preliminary forecasts and effective planning.

HR Records Management

Looking for a reliable and qualified accountant? Then you have come to the right place! We will help you find:

  • Chief Accountant;
  • Deputy Chief Accountant;
  • The auditor;
  • Accountant for a separate section of accounting;
  • Assistant accountant.

We will find a competent accountant for you in the shortest possible time, taking into account the specifics and type of your business. Before offering you an employee, our team of experts:

  • Assesses both the theoretical and practical knowledge of the candidate;
  • Analyzes the work experience of a potential employee;
  • Conducts testing and interviewing to assess

In addition, we pay special attention to personal qualities, for example, responsibility to work, relationships in the team and so on.
We are responsible for the selection of personnel for our client and provide a guarantee of replacement of the employee within three months from the time he was employed.


We provide a wide range of consulting services, which include consulting in the field of tax and accounting, tax planning and the selection of accountants.
Thanks to qualified and experienced auditors, accountants, lawyers and other experts with many years of experience, we:

  • We will provide operational consulting support;
  • We will answer all the questions that arise concerning accounting and tax accounting;
  • We will help you find and organize the work of staff accounting at the highest level.

Cost of consulting services

ProAudit offers acceptable and competitive prices for consulting services. Our employees determine the cost of the service taking into account the features of the client’s business and prior to negotiating it. The approximate tariff can be calculated using a calculator to calculate the cost of services, which is presented on the site.