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Audit of tax reporting

Tax audit always remains relevant for both large and medium-sized enterprises and organizations, regardless of the type of their activity. Tax audit is an independent audit. The main purpose of this event is to determine the correctness of the accrual and payment of taxes, as well as their reflection in the regulated reporting.

An audit of tax settlements is conducted in such cases:

  • To verify the correctness of tax accounting at the enterprise or organization and timely response to identified errors;
  • At change of the chief accountant, the financial director or the director of the company;
  • Before the inspection by the tax authorities;
  • To check the accounts before handing them over to the appropriate authorities.

You can order a tax audit in Kiev in the consulting group ProAudit. The package of services “Audit of tax accounting” includes:

  • Examination of the taxation system;
  • Verification of the correctness of the calculation and payment of taxes and fees: income tax, VAT, personal income tax, etc.;
  • Examination of the taxation system;
  • Drafting an audit report with the results of the audit, with a full list of identified errors and further recommendations for their correction, indicating the normative acts.

Checking the taxes of legal entities will help determine the status and amount of mandatory payments for the current period, the legality of using tax benefits, as well as the degree of compliance with the tax reporting requirements of current legislation.


Audit of tax accounting by the company “ProAudit“: features and advantages

Tax audit in Kiev is carried out by many firms, but only the consulting group “ProAudit” guarantees a qualitative and operative check. Thanks to highly qualified specialists with experience, a well-thought-out system for monitoring employees’ performance, the management of ProAudit is confident in the quality of the services provided.

The advantages of conducting a tax audit by ProAudit are:

  • The opportunity to carefully prepare for the audit by the tax authorities: the company’s employees check the accounting and tax records for a period of not more than three years, which will allow to identify errors, analyze and develop measures for their correction and elimination that as a result will help to avoid penalties and penalties;
    Competence and professionalism of employees;
  • An individual approach to each client: an audit of tax reporting refers to proactive procedures, and the specialists of ProAudit will help the client determine the scope and format of the audit;
  • Confidentiality of information: with the personal information provided by the client, only specialists who are directly involved in the audit work;
    Guarantee and responsibility for the results;
  • Professional consultation of qualified specialists.

Tax audit in Kiev: price

To find out the approximate cost of tax audit services from the company “ProAudit” you can visit The price for the service “Audit of tax accounting” is determined for each client individually, taking into account various factors. For example, the volume of audited sites, the audited period, the number of auditors involved, and others. To determine the exact cost of services, it is necessary to fill in the Questionnaire for audit services, after which the potential customer will receive a detailed commercial offer.