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Express audit: quickly and efficiently

The consulting company “ProAudit” offers express-audit service, which consists in an operative selective audit of the parts or periods of the company’s financial activity. This type of inspection allows you to identify problem areas in the accounting, as well as obtain general information on the status of the accounting and tax reports. The main feature of the express audit is the efficiency (no more than five working days).
Operative audit is conducted in such cases:

  • Superficial check of work of bookkeeping and staff accountants;
  • Change of chief accountant, CFO or director of the company;
  • Before conducting the audit of the tax or other competent authorities;
  • Checking the annual accounts before filing with the tax inspectorate;
  • Expansion of business and planning of attracting large investments;
  • Reorganization or restructuring of the company in other cases.

Before the start of the rapid audit, employees of the company “ProAudit” agree with the client the site of work. There is a contract in which all the details are prescribed. After that, the specialist leaves to the client’s office in Kiev, where he conducts a fast audit.
The rapid audit by specialists of the consulting group “ProAudit” consists of the following stages:

  • Assessment of the state of accounting and tax accounting;
  • Identification and definition of tax risks;
  • Verification and evaluation of the organization of the company’s workflow;
  • Verification of the correctness of filling all types of reporting, compliance with existing legislation;
  • Providing a brief written report on the state of accounting and tax accounting with comments and recommendations to address identified problems.


Express audit from the company “ProAudit“: the main advantages

The main advantages of express audit by employees of ProAudit are:

  • Prompt service and reliable information.A quick audit is conducted for a maximum of five days.
    1-3 days of them are express audit, 1-2 days – preparation of reports and recommendations;
  • Minimal interference of inspectors in the current work of an enterprise or organization;
  • Reasonable cost of services;
  • Professionalism and competence of specialists.The staff of the company “ProAudit” consists of qualified accountants, auditors and other experts who have experience working with enterprises in various fields of activity;
  • Guarantee and responsibility for the result;
  • Confidentiality of information;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • Interesting discount offers.

Express audit (Kiev): cost

The price of the “Quick audit” service from the consulting group “ProAudit” is determined individually for each client after preliminary analysis and verification of the scope of work and depends on the following factors:

  • The volume of the site to be inspected;
  • Audit period;
  • Number of working days of the auditor or group and so on.

The approximate cost of an operational audit can be found on the website To receive a detailed commercial proposal, it is enough to fill in the Questionnaire for audit services. Order an express audit in the company “ProAudit” and get pleasant bonuses in the form of discounts and interesting offers. Detailed information from our consultants. Call now.