Financial audit of the grants and donations

Funding an organization at the expense of a donor or a grantmaker is no longer the lot of non-profit and charitable organizations. Today, more and more cultural and educational projects are being implemented in Ukraine for grant funds, start-ups are opened for donor money and innovative solutions are financed.

If you are preparing to apply for a grant or your organization is already working with a grantmaker, you are contractually required to undergo an independent audit. This is done in order to report to the grantor on the use of funds under the grant agreement.

As a rule, grant givers have rather strict requirements for organizations and entrepreneurs who apply for financial assistance from them. Therefore, an independent audit is also a confirmation of your trustworthiness and decency, which will certify the grantor in the intended use of his money.

In order not to worry about the financial transparency and reputation of your company in the eyes of the grantor, we suggest using the help of our highly qualified auditors as part of the service financial audit of non-profit organizations. For more than 14 years, ProAudit specialists have been providing audit services for financial reports for enterprises and entrepreneurs on the use of a grant, as well as carrying out all the necessary procedures for confirming the actual targeted spending of funds of non-profit organizations allocated under a grant agreement from national and international donor organizations.

The donor-funded project is audited by an auditor in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and standards issued by the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI).
Based on the results of the audit, the auditor prepares an audit report on the use of funds, checks the accuracy of the costs reflected in the report on the intended use of the grant and their intended purpose.

The audit company has theoretical knowledge and practical skills to comply with various donor requirements for the auditor’s report is a guarantee that the audit report on the use of the grant will be accepted by the donor and respectively, the enterprise will be able to successfully continue the project. ProAudit complies with all the necessary requirements that the donor puts forward for the preparation of a report on the use of the grant for the project and for the audit firm. Our company has extensive experience in conducting financial audits of grant projects, and the quality of our services is evidenced by new and extended grant agreements between donors and our clients.

List of national and international donors

With over 14 years of experience in auditing non-profit organizations, ProAudit’s auditors have audited the financial statements of projects financed by national and international donors, such as:

  • Religious Mission “Caritas-Spes” of the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine;
  • Ilyas Efendiev International Foundation;
  • International Visegrad Fund;
  • The Government of Japan “KUSANONE”;
  • Ukrainian Cultural Foundation;
  • Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine;
  • Ukrainian State Film Agency;
  • Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (RFSL);
  • Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture, acting under the authority delegated by the European Commission;
  • European Commission;
  • DIGNITY – Danish Institute Against Torture;
  • IMS – International Media Support;
  • FDFA – Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs;
  • GFA Consulting Group;
  • ECF – European Climate Foundation;
  • Danish Cultural Institute;
  • The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation;
  • KNH – Kindernothilfe;
  • NPA – Norwegian People’s Aid;
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark;
  • SIDA – Sweden’s government agency for development cooperation.

The cost of an audit depends on the terms of the grant and is calculated individually for each client. You can find out the cost of the financial audit service for your company by contacting any communication channel convenient for you.