Business for Beginners: Choose Accounting

Paying taxes and fees is an important component of accounting, and here it is important not only to fill out and pay everything correctly but not overdo it so that nothing else remains to come from income. In this case, a good and reliable accountant will be able to do a great job. So that both the wolves are fed, and the sheep are whole, correctly balancing between the requests of the state and the possibilities of your business. He should be able not only to appropriately honest and pay all but also to reduce taxes as much as possible, without violating the laws of our country.

What are the options?

For accounting, you can take an accountant to the state, hire an accountant freelancer, or entrust your business to a company outsourcer, for example, PROAUDIT.
Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages, let’s take a look at what is the difference and advantages so that it is easier for you to make the right choice.

Accountant in the state

Very convenient, but expensive – from 15 000 UAH per month.
Accountant in the office – it is very convenient if you have an office. As a wand, he quickly responds to all your questions, and requests, and fulfills any tasks as quickly and urgently as possible. Such an employee communicates with tax, keeps records of primary documents and personnel, and protects you with all kinds of checks since he will be able to save you from a headache, but also save time.
An accountant in the state will be relevant to a company with a large number of employees, but if your company is only you, then such an option will not work for you.

Freelance accountant

Working remotely as an accountant – from 7000 UAH for Kyiv.
This accountant can, by agreement, independently create the necessary documents, prepare tax reports and send them to the necessary instances, as well as advise you on the issues and design of the staff.
The minus of such cooperation is that most of the primary documents you will have to do yourself, although the accounting of these documents in 1: C will be the accountant himself.
An accountant-freelancer can both help you with business, and, unfortunately, bring a lot of trouble. This is how lucky, after all, in any profession, there are both decent and not conscientious people. No one insures you from running your accountancy in an outdated version 1: C, which may not correctly count taxes. The accountant on the remote will not always be able to arrive promptly at checks, taxes, and banks, most likely you will have to ride on its own. If you break the labor relations with such an employee to get your base of chances is not much, and on its recovery, you will spend a lot of time and money. Therefore, choosing this kind of labor relations, try to make all the nuances in the contract to protect yourself from the state of emergency and stress.


Outsourcing. If you have a turnover of up to 25 transactions, the price will be from 2500 UAH. The price of services depends on the number of employees and the workflow of your company.
By choosing this kind of cooperation, you get a remote, qualified employee who will keep your accountancy professional and with pleasure at an affordable price. Without encrypting the incomprehensible ERUs, NDFLs, and EAs, accountants in PROAUDIT can understand and afford to answer all your questions.
Our company has many clients, but we collect store, and process documents for your counterparts on our own.
Business with us is safe and reliable – if we make mistakes at our fault, we will compensate all expenses.
If cooperation begins with a small business, and over time you expand it, we do not interrupt the relationship, we simply transfer you to a convenient tariff and cooperate further, but under other conditions. We will help you to collect the primary from the contractors, sign documents under the power of attorney and send them. You will not need to either restore it. You will also have the opportunity, if necessary, to contact our lawyer or HR officer.