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Tax audit

Interaction with government representatives is an integral part of any enterprise. Tax inspection is a form of state control. The peculiarity of Ukrainian legislation are confusing and contradictory, which creates favorable conditions for abuse by representatives of regulatory authorities. Therefore, the issue of verification should be approached responsibly and carefully. During the inspection it is necessary that the documentation was in order, and also need to know the legal standards and powers of inspection bodies.
According to the Tax Code of Ukraine, today officials can hold office, documentary evidence of a tax audit. Prepare yourself for a test, study all the law, the individual subtleties and nuances within a short period of is difficult and unrealistic. It is, therefore, better to contact such professionals as a consulting company “Proaudit”.
Consulting group “Proaudit” participates in scheduled and unscheduled inspections, maintenance inspections — as one of the activities — including regulatory bodies, tax inspection, pension Fund and social insurance Fund.
The company “Proaudit” has extensive experience with various inspection bodies. The structure of the staff is composed of qualified lawyers, accountants, auditors and experts who are ready to assist in passing any checks.


Tax audit of the enterprise: a full range of services at an affordable price

The team of professionals of the company “ProAudit” will help to avoid penalties and other troubles that may arise as a result of verification. When preparing the documentation for the audit, our employees thoroughly study all the problematic issues, as well as determine the legality of the event, conduct a legal analysis.
Maintenance of checks by the specialists of ProAudit includes the following services:

  • Initial preparation, acquaintance with the primary documentation and the client’s reporting before the inspection;
  • Identification of weaknesses, problems and development of mechanisms for their solution;
  • Providing recommendations on the behavior of management and staff during the audit;
  • Representation of the client’s interests before the supervisory authorities;
  • Legal advice on the list of documents that may be required by the inspection bodies in the course of the audit;
  • The analysis of verification acts before they are signed;
  • Protection of the interests of the client and preparation of materials for protesting the penalties (if they are submitted by the competent authorities) and other services.

Consulting firm “Proaudit” offers services in support of inspections, as part of the controversial issues that arise during the inspection can be solved at once by proving the correctness and legality of the actions. The price of services depends on the complexity of the validation period and is defined only individually.
The company “Proaudit” guarantees the confidentiality of information and data the client is responsible for the results of the work. All the details and the nuances written in the contract, which is before the beginning of the cooperation. Detailed information on the website or by specified phones.
Remember that the important role played by proper and timely preparation for the test.
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