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How we carry out the restoration of accounting

  • conclude a contract for the provision of services on restoration of accounting;
  • we go to the client or it sends us via an authorized officer of all primary documentation necessary for recovery of the reporting (tax invoices, Bank statements, invoices, acts of acceptance-transfer of works and services);
  • our accountant analyzes the current state of accounting at the enterprise of the client;
  • srabatyvaet, sort and analyse provided documents for errors and compliance with the regulations in force;
  • inspect the base of 1C:Enterprise;
  • our team of experts conducts restoration of accounting, the analysis of the calculation of taxes, charges and fees, makes all the necessary Postings in 1C:Enterprise;
  • in case of detection of errors in reporting, our staff fills in clarifying documents and deliver them to the competent authorities;
  • we provide professional advice and ready to answer all your questions.

At the request of the management, cooperation with our company ProAudit can be continued by concluding a new contract for other types of services.

Why you need to restore accounting

Every entrepreneur or Manager knows that accounting must be carried out continuously with a constant fixation of all business operations, with the formation of all necessary reports and their timely submission to regulatory authorities. Sometimes due to neglect or unqualified accountant may have problems. Unreliable financial information, lack of documents, poor accounting can cause serious problems that can lead not only to the accrual of fines, but also to the possible seizure of assets and engaging guide to responsibility for incomplete payment of taxes and fees in the budget. The real way out of this situation is the restoration of bookkeeping our experts.

When is it necessary to restore the account?

We recommend the restoration of accounting in such cases:

  • At loss of documents;
  • Untimely execution and delivery of reports;
  • Negligence and poor performance of their duties as an acting accountant;
  • Theft or breakage of software;
  • Change of management or chief accountant;
  • No accounting at all or for a period of time;
  • Detection of errors as a result of an audit or tax audit, which do not correspond to the real financial situation and so on.


Specialists of the company ProAudit are ready to promptly and qualitatively restore the accounting of both fully and individual accounting areas regardless of your type of activity. Our team of experienced accountants offers a set of procedures that are aimed at correcting previously committed errors with updating information in registers taking into account all requirements of Ukrainian legislation.
Restoring accounting is a time-consuming and complex process that is best entrusted to professionals such as the consulting company ProAudit.

Restoring accounting will help you:

  • Normalize the work of the enterprise;
  • Optimize the amount of taxes;
  • Prepare for tax audit;
  • Adjust management accounting and get the opportunity to plan costs;
  • Reduce tax risks;
  • Correctly organize work with primary documentation.

The responsible manager should understand the whole danger of not having at least a small part of the account and responding in a timely manner. And our team of specialists is ready to provide prompt assistance in this matter!

Cost of restoration of accounting

We offer affordable and affordable prices for services to restore accounting. Our specialists will individually discuss and voice the cost of restoring accounting. We take into account all the factors that can affect the tariff. To calculate the estimated price of the service, use the cost calculator.