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Types of accounting services

Accounting Services: Accounting

The company “ProAudit” offers accounting accounting services in Kiev, which include:

  • Verification of compliance with the current legislation and the correct execution of client documents;
  • Informing the client in writing about the missing documents that are to be replaced due to improper filling;
  • Introduction of the received documentation into the 1C: Enterprise program;
  • Formation of cash documents, the register of tax invoices, advance reports;
  • Calculation of wages, calculation of taxes and other obligatory payments, provision of data on their payment;
  • Compilation and submission of all forms of reporting to all instances;
  • Advice from experts on all issues related to the conduct of accounting.

Accounting accounting services can be provided on a single or permanent basis, regardless of the type of activity of the enterprise or organization.

Accountant services for the restoration of accounting

Accounting services of this kind include the restoration of accounting (in whole or in part). The consulting group “ProAudit” provides a full range of services for the restoration of accounting and tax accounting, regardless of the type of activity of the client. The list of services includes:

  • Analysis of the current state of accounting;
  • Processing, sorting and analysis of primary documentation;
  • Checking for compliance with current legislation, correctness of filling and entering information into the 1C program;
  • Direct restoration of accounting, analysis of calculations and assessment of taxes and other mandatory payments;
  • Filling in and submitting to the appropriate authorities of clarifying reports (in case of an error);
  • Professional consultation of the client on further record keeping.

Accounting services for the enterprise: reporting

Accounting services are provided to enterprises and organizations in Kyiv, regardless of the type of activity, on a permanent or one-time basis. This type of service includes the following services:

  • Analysis of client documentation, verification of correctness of filling and compliance with legislative norms;
  • Verification of the correctness of the calculation of wages, taxes and other mandatory payments for the period;
  • Formation and submission of accounts to all instances.

The cost for accountant services (Kiev) is calculated individually, based on the number of reports that need to be prepared and delivered.


Professional accounting services for the calculation of wages

Within the framework of such a service, the client is obliged to provide monthly data for the calculation of wages: the number of days worked or hours, changes in salaries and rates, sick leave sheets, data on holidays, absenteeism, bonus or retention, and other information. The deadline for submission of data is strictly regulated by the agreement on cooperation. The services of a payroll accountant consist of:

  • Calculation of wages under contractual agreements;
  • Calculation of all taxes, contributions, charges and deductions;
  • Preparation of documentation for the transfer of taxes and wages for settlements with employees;
  • Preparation and submission of reports to all instances;
  • Support for inspections;
  • Preparation of managerial reporting on salaries and taxes;
  • Drawing up references for employees;
  • Professional advice.

Price for accounting services

We offer affordable and affordable prices for services. Our specialists will individually discuss and voice the cost. We take into account all the factors that can affect the tariff. To calculate the estimated price of the service, use the cost calculator.