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Sale of 1C:Enterprise

ProAudit Consulting Group cooperates with the official partner of 1C Company in the field of economic software distribution, and provides the supply and installation of 1C:Enterprise 7.7 and 1C:Enterprise 8. We offer all 1C products, including: 1C:Enterprise 8 and 1C:Enterprise 7.7, 1C Bookkeeping for Ukraine, 1C:Commerce Management, 1C:Payroll and HR, etc. We also provide information and technical support and software updates.

Our experts will help you to choose the optimal configuration of 1C:Enterprise, taking into account all peculiarities of your company’s accounting processes, and they can also provide consulting support.
1C:Enterprise solutions are designed for a wide range of tasks to automate accounting and office work of almost any enterprise. To work effectively with 1C:Enterprise you should use only licensed software and regularly update the chosen configuration of 1C:Enterprise Software.

Each 1C:Enterprise product is delivered with is a CD, documentation (user guides), registration form, stamped envelope for sending back the registration form (which we will send ourselves to the central office of 1C Company), unauthorized access protection key, CD with information and technical support for 6 months and the contract for the supply of 1C Company information and technical materials for 1C:Enterprise Application System.