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Accounting Recruitment

ProAudit Consulting Group offers accounting recruitment services for companies.

We can help you to find the following specialists: chief accountant, assistant accountant, accountant specializing in a certain area of accounting, auditor. We carry out the selection of employees exclusively on the basis of our competence and specialization of our company. Our experience and an extremely high level of knowledge in the field of accounting and audit allow us to select the best employees for the customer in the shortest possible time.

When selecting an accounting officer for your company we carry out full assessment of the candidate’s theoretical and practical knowledge, he/she passes testing and two interviews to reveal the level of proficiency, we also analyze his/her available work experience. We pay special attention to the candidate’s personal traits that influence the professional level, team relationships, responsibility and fitness for the job and your company. ProAudit Company is responsible for the services provided and guarantees that the employee can be replaced within 3 months from the moment of employment.

The cost of accounting recruitment services is 50% of one monthly salary of the employee fixed after a probation period. The payment for our services is made after a candidate is employed. For applicants this service is free.