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Legal Services

ProAudit Consulting Group provides legal services in the field of corporate relations of economic agents and support of their economic activity.

Our company provides the following legal services for natural persons and legal entities:

Registration of companies:
- registration of a limited liability company;
- registration of a subject of entrepreneurial activity (natural person-entrepreneur);
- registration of a private enterprise.

Receipt of identification number.

Registration of changes:
- change of the company’s CEO;
- change of the kinds of activity (according to the Classifier of the kinds of economic activity);
- change of the company’s founders;
- change of the company’s legal address;
- change of the company’s name;
- change of the company’s authorized capital and other changes in constituent documents.

Obtaining and confirmation of information from the state register:
- obtaining of an extract;
- obtaining of a certificate;
- obtaining of a statement;
- confirmation of information about a company.

Obtaining of certificates and licenses:
- VAT payer certificate;
- single tax certificate.

Intellectual Property:
- screening trademark;
- trademark registration.

Liquidation of business.