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Additional Services

ProAudit Consulting Group provides the services of HR records management and accounting recruitment. We can also help you to make your company's accounting processes fully automated by using 1C: Enterprise Software - from choosing the appropriate optimal configuration to providing regular update of the software and customer support.

Services provided:

Legal services - services in the field of corporate relations of economic agents and support of their economic activity.

HR records management - includes the preparation and maintenance of all HR records of the Customer. As a part of this service our experts will fully or partially take over your company’s HR record keeping.

Accounting recruitment - recruitment of accounting department staff (chief accountants, assistant accountants, internal auditors, accountants specializing in certain areas of accounting) for your company.

Sale of 1C:Enterprise Software - help in the selection of the optimal configuration of 1C:Enterprise, supply and installation of 1C:Enterprise 7.7 and 1C:Enterprise 8. Update of 1C:Enterprise Software.