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The cost of outsourcing of the accounting processes of your company depends on the following factors: the number of transactions (document circulation), kind of activity, number of employees, foreign economic activity and so on. The payment for services is made on a monthly basis.

We are able to determine the exact cost of our services after the analysis of your company’s activity. Such analysis is done either in our or your office, we estimate the amount of work and answer all your questions.

Approximate cost of accounting outsourcing is given in the table below:


Number of transactions Cost
No transactions 500 UAH
less than 25 min. 2 500 UAH
from 26 to 50 min. 3 000 UAH
from 51 to 100 min. 4 500 UAH
from 101 to 150 min. 6 000 UAH
over 150 As agreed


To order accounting services and receive a detailed offer, you can fill in the Application form for accounting services. We will analyze your Application, and then our specialist will contact you and send our commercial offer to a specified e-mail or fax.

All the information we collect about your company is confidential and not subject to disclosure.

Bonuses for customers ordering accounting

1. General Information About a Company

  • Full name of a company
  • Main kinds of business activity
  • Actual location
  • Contact person (first name, last name, patronymic)
  • Contact phone numbers of a company
  • E-mail
  • How did you find out about ProAudit

2. General Questions About Accounting Service

  • Accounting services
  • What accounting software is used at your company?:

    - for bookkeeping

    - for tax accounting

  • Period of service

3. General Questions About Documents Circulation at a Company

  • If possible, please indicate the volume of a company’s documents circulation

    - average quantity of bank payment orders per 1 month

    - average quantity of expenditure documents (bills, acceptance reports, etc.) per 1 month

    - average quantity of income documents (bills, acceptance reports, etc.) per 1 month

    - quantity of expense reports per 1 month

  • Approximate nomenclature of stock (raw materials, goods, materials)
  • Approximate number of counteragents:

    - buyers and customers

    - suppliers and contractors

  • Approximate quantity of fixed assets
  • Number of in-house staff
  • Export and import transactions
  • Transactions on the securities market
  • Vehicles owned by a company

4. Questions About Taxation

  • Income tax payer status (tick as appropriate)
  • VAT payer status
  • Please, indicate whether the verification (checkup) of accounts, including taxes, charges and obligatory payments, with the State Tax Office (Inspectorate) was carried out?

5. Additional Information

  • In your opinion, what is the state of the bookkeeping and tax accounting systems at your company?
  • Additional requirements concerning the accounting services