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The cost of our services is determined individually for each client, we take into account all requests of our customers on pricing and the order of payments.
The cost is calculated on the basis of the volume of works required to solve your problem.

The prices for services are given below. All prices are in UAH.

    - Prices for audit services

    - Prices for outsourcing of accounting

    - Prices for recovery of accounting

    - Prices for HR records management

    - Prices for consultation support

    - Prices for legal services

    - Prices for 1C:Enterprise Software

To order our services and receive a detailed offer, you can fill in the Application form for audit services or the Application form for accounting services. We will analyze your Application, and then our specialist will contact you and send our commercial offer to a specified e-mail or fax.

All the information we collect about your company is confidential and not subject to disclosure.