Service audit

We will check all accounting and reporting

Independent verification of your business

Our team of professionals provides audit services. We will assess the state of your financial statements, confirm the reliability of the information and determine your business opportunities.
The company ProAudit operates on the basis of the Certificate of Incorporation in the Register of Audit Firms and Auditors No. 428 from 02.07.2009 and offers a full range of audit services regardless of your type of activity and form of ownership. It is you – our client, determine the scope and nature of the audit.

Types of audit

Tax audit will Help to ensure the financial security of the enterprise by an independent audit different types of tax accounting. In addition, our experts will help you prepare for any possible audit by the tax authorities.
Financial audit inspect the reliability of financial reporting and the correctness of accounting in the enterprise. We will help you to determine the real profitability of the enterprise and evaluate the effectiveness of your activities. The audit will identify financial risks and prepare recommendations to mitigate them. This type of audit is required in obtaining a license, liquidation of the enterprise, the formation and Deposit of funds share capital registration of issue of shares and bonds and in other cases.
Express audit Our auditors conduct spot checks in the shortest time (5 working days) individual sections of accounting periods, or to identify errors that may appear in the records of the enterprise and cause negative consequences, like penalties.
We also offer services integrated audit, which combines tax and financial audit.

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How we are working

Cooperation with us begins with the conclusion of a contract in which the slightest details are prescribed. Further our employees come to your office or your authorized employee sends us the documentation. After that our team of professional auditors carefully study the received documents, analyze and check them for reliability. After the end of the audit (regardless of the type), we provide a report and an audit report on the reliability of accounting and tax reporting with recommendations for eliminating identified errors and problems.
It is important to note that, at the request of the client’s management, cooperation with ProAudit can be continued on an ongoing basis or for the provision of other services.

Cost of audit

The price of auditing services from the company ProAudit is distinguished by its availability and democracy. Our experts pre-stipulate the cost of auditing, taking into account the specifics of your business. An approximate tariff can be calculated using a calculator to calculate the cost of services.