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Support During Inspections

ProAudit Consulting Group can provide support to your company during various inspections carried out by regulatory authorities.

Support during inspections – our experts participate and assist your company during scheduled or unscheduled inspections carried out by regulatory authorities, namely by tax authorities, social insurance funds, pension funds.
During an inspection not only the correctness of financial and tax accounting records is important, but it is also necessary to know the laws and understand the rights and powers of inspectors.
ProAudit Group has a broad experience in dealing with various inspections, tax and regulatory authorities, and is ready to provide prompt assistance to your company.

Support during inspections may include:
- preliminary examination of primary records and reports of the company before the inspection;
- advice on the behaviour of the company’s management and accountants during the inspection;
- competent representation of the company’s interests in relations with regulatory authorities;
- recommendations on the list of documents, which inspectors are entitled to demand;
- analysis of a tax audit report before it is signed by the company's manager;
- preparation of materials to appeal against penalties charged by regulatory authorities on the basis of the audit results.

The cost of services depends on the period of inspection and is agreed individually.