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ProAudit Consulting Group provides consulting support for companies.

Consultations on bookkeeping and tax accounting are an integral part of maintenance of every company’s bookkeeping and tax accounting systems. This service is provided either on a permanent basis under the contract for consulting services, or under the contract for accounting services, or elsewise as a one-time service in the written or oral form.

To solve your problems arising in the process of financial and economic activities, we give professional advice on bookkeeping and tax accounting. Comprehensive prompt consultations are provided by the leading experts of ProAudit Group verbally or in writing, besides the consultations on accounting can be provided either on a regular basis or as the need arises.

One-time verbal consultations are provided in our office. Consultations in writing can be obtained by the Customer on the basis of his request (sent by fax or email). Consultations by phone are available only for regular customers.