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Tax Audit

Tax audit - an independent audit of tax accounting aimed at determining the accuracy of calculation and payment of taxes to the budget, and also whether these taxes are correctly shown in related reports.

Tax accounting audit enables a company to prepare for inspections by tax authorities.
Maximum audit period is three years. The scope and term of an audit is approved by the customer. The list of taxes and charges, on which an auditor shall give his expert opinion, is set forth in the contract for tax audit services.

Tax audit is used:
- to verify the correctness of bookkeeping and tax accounting at the enterprise;
- if a chief accountant, chief financial officer or director of the company is changed;
- before inspections by tax authorities;
- to verify the reports before submission to the tax office.

Tax audit may include:
Verification of the calculation and payment of the following taxes and charges:
- income tax;
- VAT;
- natural person income tax;
- local taxes and charges;
- other taxes.

On the basis of audit results we provide a written report, which contains all errors and recommendations on elimination of the problems found with reference to relative laws and regulations.