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Payroll Calculation

ProAudit Consulting Group offers the service of payroll calculation for your company.
This service is also provided under the contract for accounting outsourcing.

The work plan – payroll calculation:
First of all the contract for payroll calculation services is concluded. Then you need to give us the copies of your company’s registration documents, information about your employees and payroll data starting from the beginning of the year. For the purpose of payroll calculation you have to provide all necessary information on a monthly basis, namely the number of days (hours) worked by each employee, changes of salary rates, sick leaves, amounts of extra payments and deductions, information about leaves, compensatory leaves, and any other related information influencing the wages of employees in the current month.
On the basis of the information received our specialists calculate the payroll, taxes and deductions, prepare payslips, related accounting documents, payroll sheets and draw up a memo containing information about the payment of payroll-related taxes. Within the framework of this service we can also submit your reports and provide consultations.

Scope of works:
- calculation of the staff employees’ payroll and payments under labour contracts;
- calculation of all taxes and contributions taking into account all payments and deductions, including sick pay, vacation pay and settlements with accountable persons;
- preparation of documents for the payment of taxes and wages;
- preparation and submission of required reports;
- support during various inspections carried out by the funds and tax authorities;
- preparation of managerial reports on wages and taxes in the required format;
- preparation of salary certificates for employees on their request.

The cost of this service depends on the number of your employees and is agreed individually with each client.