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Recovery of Accounting

ProAudit Consulting Group can help you to recover the whole accounting system of your company irrespective of the sphere of business. This may include the recovery of separate areas of bookkeeping and tax accounting or full recovery of the company’s accounting processes.

The work plan – recovery of accounting:
First of all the contract for accounting recovery services is concluded.
Then your authorized officer gives us all primary records and reports for the period to be recovered:
- bank statements and invoices;
- bills;
- acceptance reports for services (works);
- tax invoices and others.
On the basis of the documents received our accountant carries out all necessary accounting transactions in 1C:Enterprise Software.

Scope of works:
First of all we analyze the current state of your company’s accounting system. Then we process, sort and analyze primary records to determine whether they comply with applicable laws, and to verify the data in 1C:Enterprise Software and related reports. The next step will be the recovery of accounting, analysis of the calculation of taxes, charges and contributions.

If we find errors in reporting, we fill in correcting reports and submit them to the tax office, departments of statistics, social insurance funds and pension funds.

When the procedure of accounting recovery is finished, we will advise the company’s management on further maintenance of bookkeeping and tax accounting, or we may continue maintaining your company’s accounting system by entering into the contract for accounting outsourcing.