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Outsourcing of Accounting

ProAudit Consulting Group provides accounting outsourcing services for companies in any sphere of business and in any district of Kiev. Accounting services are provided by the Company either on a permanent basis or as a one-time service.

The work plan - bookkeeping and tax accounting services:
First of all the contract for accounting outsourcing is concluded, for this purpose you have to give us the copies of your company’s registration documents.
Your authorized officer gives us all current primary records in accordance with the schedule of documents circulation (all received documents are registered):
- bank statements and invoices;
- bills;
- acceptance reports for services (works);
- tax invoices and others.
You can give us documents in person or send by our courier.

On the basis of the documents received our accountant carries out all necessary accounting transactions in 1C:Enterprise Software, maintains all accounting registers of the company - turnover balance sheets, journal of business transactions, payroll sheet, cash book, etc.
Then we prepare and submit all required reports to regulatory authorities. All reports are signed by the director of your company.

Scope of works:
- we receive primary records from the client;
- we check the documents (acts, bills, tax invoices, etc.) for correctness and compliance with legal requirements;
- we enter the received documents into 1C:Enterprise Accounting Software;
- next step - formation of cash documents, expense reports, register of tax invoices;
- then we provide a written report about the missing documents and (or) documents to be replaced due to improper execution;
- consultations on the correctness of documents and other matters relating to bookkeeping and tax accounting;
- payroll accounting, calculation of taxes and other obligatory payments, and providing data for the payment of taxes and charges;
- preparation and submission of any and all financial and tax reports.