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Accounting Services

ProAudit Consulting Group provides a full range of accounting services. We provide accounting services for companies of all ownership forms and all taxation systems.

Accounting services provided by the Company:

Outsourcing of accounting - means the running of bookkeeping and tax accounting processes of your company, including payroll calculation, preparation and submission of reports. You can fully or partially outsource bookkeeping and tax accounting processes to our experts. Our specialists will advise on all questions in the field of accounting and taxation.

Recovery of accounting - includes the restoration of problem areas of your company’s bookkeeping and tax accounting systems. Our experts will check and analyze the state of records and accounts, reveal all shortcomings and violations, and prepare adjusted accounting, financial and tax reports for the previous period.

Preparation of reports - includes the preparation of all required reports for your company. Our experts analyze and check the company’s primary records, correctness of the calculation of payroll, taxes and contributions. This service is provided within the framework of long-term cooperation or on the basis of a separate agreement.

Payroll calculation - includes the calculation of your employees’ wages either on the basis of data provided by you, or based on HR records prepared by us. Our experts will do the calculation of payroll and deductions for all employees and prepare accounting documents according to a set form.